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Grant Writing

$35 per hour 

I am pleased to offer my assistance in the identification of prospective grants, as well as the writing and submission of grant proposals to federal, state, and private funding agencies.

Potential Donor Location & Review 

$250 & up

As a non-profit organization, locating donors who share your mission and vision and are willing to invest in your cause can be a challenging task. It requires a rigorous screening process to ensure that you are targeting the right audience who will be interested in donating to your cause. This is where Harrison Fundraising, LLC comes in as a valuable partner.


Harrison Fundraising, LLC can aid you in your journey by identifying potential donors who meet your organization's target demographic area and have the necessary wealth screenings. Additionally, I will review the previous philanthropic donations made by these donors to ensure that they align with your organization's mission and values.


By partnering with Harrison Fundraising, LLC, you can rest assured that your non-profit organization is reaching out to the right people who are more likely to donate to your cause. With their assistance, you can focus on your organization's mission and leave the donor screening process to the experts.​

Legal Disclaimer: Non-profit organizations may be provided with a comprehensive list of potential donors along with demographic information. This information is intended solely for use by the non-profit organization's fundraising personnel for the purpose of soliciting donations and must not be utilized for any other purpose including but limited to marketing or sales-related activities. The non-profit is required to adhere to the terms and conditions of the signed agreement, which prohibits any unauthorized use of the provided information. Any violation of this agreement will immediately terminate the working relationship and may result in legal action.


Donor Management

$35 per hour

Gaining a donor's support for the first time is only a small step in the fundraising path. Retaining their backing for the long haul can be a challenging endeavor. The donor acquisition process involves multiple stages, commencing with raising awareness about your non-profit organization. Subsequently, the donor will research your organization, and you, ideally, will reciprocate by investigating the donor. The decision to donate to your organization is significant, given the numerous non-profits vying for donations daily.


Nevertheless, the crucial step is maintaining the donor's support over the long term. Harrison Fundraising, LLC can aid in this effort, ensuring that your donors receive up-to-date information and that communication remains consistent to keep your organization at the forefront of their minds. Prompt delivery of grammatically correct, relevant, and engaging thank-you notes is also guaranteed. Your donors represent a vital asset to your non-profit, and without their support, the organization's viability could be at risk. I am here to assist you in retaining your donors' long-term support and ensure your organization's smooth running.


  • Up-to-Date Donor Management Databases

  • Communication via Donors Preferred Method (email, post mail, etc) 

  • Timely Thank You Letters

  • Donor Updates

Volunteer Organization & Retaining

$35 per hour 

The presence of a motivated group of volunteers is valuable, but their skills and abilities may not be readily apparent, leading to difficulty in exploiting their potential contributions. Furthermore, the presence of volunteers on a list who never show up to volunteer exacerbates the issue. A volunteer coordinator can be established externally with the help of Harrison Fundraising, LLC, in case your non-profit is not yet big enough for a full-time or part-time position. I can vet potential volunteers, manage records, ensure all parties are aware of the necessary requirements and expectations, and track the skills and abilities of volunteers within the organization. Volunteers are often the most visible members of nonprofit organizations. Thus, it is imperative to have suitable individuals represent the organization.

  • Screen potential volunteers

  • Maintain up-to-date volunteer database, contact information, and skill sets.

  • Record Maintenance

  • Assist with coordinating volunteer leadership, volunteer requirements, and responsibilities.

  •  Non-profit forms and handbooks

  • Volunteer Background Checks and Drug Screenings (additional fees may apply)


$35 per hour 

Branding has become crucial for non-profit organizations in today's highly competitive world. It is a way to distinguish an organization from its competitors and to communicate its mission and values to potential supporters. Harrison Fundraising, LLC is well aware of the significance of branding in the non-profit industry and understands that it is a key factor in building trust and credibility with donors, volunteers, and the community. By creating a strong brand identity, a non-profit organization can establish itself as a leader in its field and attract more support and funding for its cause. 

  • Branding Reviews for Non-Profits

  • Graphic Design

  • Web Site Design and Maintenance 

  • Hosting and Domain Services with Wix or GoDaddy (additional fees may apply)

Payment Terms: For your convenience, I offer the following payment options: checks made to "Harrison Fundraising, LLC," Venmo, or cash. Please note that there will be a $50 fee for any returned checks. A 50% deposit is required to begin work upon agreement and signing of the contract. The remaining payment must be made within 10 business days of completion. If an invoice remains unpaid, a $25 or 10% late fee will be added every thirty days.

Payment Plans: At Harrison Fundraising, LLC, I understand that fundraising requests can vary in size and complexity. I offer flexible payment plans that can be tailored to your needs, making the process easier for you. Whether you prefer weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payments, I have a plan that can work for you. If you're interested in setting up a payment plan with no interest, please let us know. I am happy to assist you in navigating the fundraising process.

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