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Marble Steps
Your Comprehensive Partner

Harrison Fundraising, LLC provides comprehensive support and services to help your non-profit or charity succeed. I assist groups like yours in meeting their goals by providing services that include grant writing and acquisition, volunteer management, brand strategy review, and donor retention improvement.

I offer grant writing and assistance with the identification of potential funding opportunities, crafting of persuasive grant proposals, and assistance in applying for grants that can support your organization's work. Moreover, I assist in improving donor retention by analyzing your current donor base, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing strategies to increase donor engagement and loyalty.


I can assist you in managing your volunteers by providing a volunteer database with their contact information and skills. I can also help screen potential volunteers, create detailed written expectations for volunteer programs, and track volunteer hours and contributions. Additionally, if you want to enhance your organization's brand, I can review your current branding strategy and provide recommendations that will enable you to communicate your mission and values better to your audience.


At Harrison Fundraising, LLC, I am committed to being your partner throughout the process. I will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your organization is successful in achieving its goals.

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